the Passing DataBase

Take the torture chamber for 5 and add 2 jugglers to make it 7. These extra 2 jugglers are going to do a simple 4-count: E will pass with C and F will pass with D. These passes, E-C and F-D will happen instead of C and D RH selfs in the 5-juggler version.

torture71 torture72  torture73 torture74

If E and F get bored (since they're only doing a 4-count), they can add another club to the pattern, and replace their RH selfs with some triple passes to each other.  Then it's as if they're juggling a 7-club 4-count in triples, but making passes to C and D instead of their RH selfs (in red in the above diagram).

7 club 4-count in triples (about causal diagrams)

You can put more people in torture chambers.