the Passing DataBase

The principle is to connect several torture chambers. Two ways of doing that are explained here. If you don't know what is exactly a torture chamber, check the relevant page.

torture9 The first technique is to use one of the jugglers in a 4 counts ( C or D but here the pivot is [D_red=C_blue] who is actually only one person) as a link between two chambers in which he is participating simultaneously.
This principle can then be continued until one circle is closed ( 3 chambers may be enough with 12 very good jugglers).
torture10 The other technic is to align two chambers alongside each other. The passes are the same at every moment in the two chambers.
The two jugglers D_red and D_blue are not then in 4 counts anymore, but in 2 counts, making passes between them instead of selfs.
With this technique, you can align as many chambers as the number of jugglers allows since C can also be used as a link.