the Passing DataBase

Shifty Ferret builds on the sweep feed and the box in order to create a dynamic pattern. It's not a difficult pattern if you can remember what to do and when.

The diagrams under do not show all beats, but only the different jugglers positions in a chronological order. Let's take the first 2 diagrams to see what happens in details, and I'll leave the rest for you to work out.
- in the first one, A&C pass first, then B&D pass and start moving to position 2.
- A&C pass again (between position 1 and 2).
- A, after his passes to C, becomes feeder in a 2-count and feed D, C & B once.
- A comes back to a 4-count after a last pass to C (between position 2 and 3).

Jugglers alternate in fact between 2-count, 4-count and 8-count. But it's easier to try watch what's happening and pass accordingly than to remember the whole counting cycle.