the Passing DataBase

Here you are. Your partner screwed up once again and you have to manage a wrong end catch. It is too late anyway, so try to catch the club instead of stopping and yelling at him (or her).
As usual, you can work on this with both hands.

There are several methods to manage a wrong end catch; here are 3 of them:

  1. correct the spin for the next throw
  2. throw the club back
  3. do a hand manipulation

1. Correct the spin for the next throw

Try with one club--take it by the wrong side in the right hand and try to throw it to the left hand by giving it half a spin (better) or one and a half spins. The half spin may be harder at the beginning but it is easier to do with experience in some more complicated passing patterns and it is less obvious ( for the audience).
Then try while juggling alone by intentionally throwing such "bad" throws, which will arrive upside down, and catch them.
Finally, try while doing a passing pattern. Depending on your partner's skill level, you may not have to bribe him or her into throwing wrong. Beware of the rhythm: with certain rhythms ( ultimate, 3-count....) you have to throw back the club you've just caught, so look at the text below (throw the club back).

2. Throw the club back

I'll just give a quick idea. Whatever rhythm you're using, there is always a way (throw a double, triple...) to throw back the club you have on the wrong side to your partner (he is often responsible for that, so that's quite fair).
Since you are a nice person, though, you could try to add or remove half a spin from your pass (but with normal height).

3. Do a hand manipulation

With some practice, it is possible to reverse the club in the hand which has caught it before even throwing it back (with a self or a pass). It has to be done during the "dwell hold". Do not throw it again to make it do half a spin, but rather try to keep the contact with the club.
There are 2 versions of this trick depending on the direction in which the club spins.