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Note: The explanations given here are for 6-club patterns, but can be adapted easily to 7-club patterns (e.g.: 4-count and some popcorns have 3 or more consecutive selfs in a cycle).

Let's sum up the situation. You've just dropped a club (yes, we know, it's not your fault) and you now have only 2 clubs in your hands. Meanwhile, your partner keeps juggling, and is about to pass to you (it's quite important that he keeps passing).
On this page, we deal with the pickup itself. I strongly advise that you have a look at the holding through the gap page, which explains how to keep passing while waiting for an opportunity to pick up.
in 4-count or 3-count
in 2-count
in 1-count (ultimate) or PPS ?
the smart ass solution

In a 4-count or 3-count (or if you have 2 or more consecutive selfs)

There is more than enough time to pick up when you have the gap, during the 3 beats (4-count) or 2 beats (3-count) between each pass. You just have to kneel down, pick up and throw back a club at the same time as your partner's pass.
Keep in mind that it's better to have 2 clubs in the RH (technically, in the throwing hand, but it's often the right):
either you already have a club in each hand and you pick up with the right
or if the club is very much on the left, just place the 2 clubs you already have in your RH and pick up with your LH.

One last thing: if you're in a rush, a flat is much easier to catch than a scud.

In a 2-count (or if you have only 1 self)

It gets more complicated as you have very little time to pick up. But there still are at least 3 ways to do it.

  1. Keep the gap, then when you’re ready, kneel down and pick up while you're doing your LH self (probably the most difficult way).
  2. Hold through the gap, and when you have the gap, use the 2 beats you have to pick up.
  3. Throw an early double from your LH and use the resulting hold and the gap to pick up.


If you know how to kick a club from your foot to your hand, this is the most elegant way to recover from a drop. You just have to wait for the best moment to send yourself or your partner the club you've put on your foot.

The diagrams below should help you find the timing on a 4-count (but it works with any rhythms).
Note: You don't have to keep the gap.

pass kickup

self kickup

in 1-count (ultimate) or PPS ?

Don't even think about it!
Oh, wait. It seems there is a self in PPS. So the 2-count methods should work if your brain can sustain the rhythm. Also, kickups and early doubles might be a way to recover from a drop in 1-count.

the smart ass solution

You give the club a little kick to make it land at your partner's feet. There, it's not your problem anymore :-).