the Passing DataBase


The main goal is to throw a club that will be easy for the juggler in front of you to catch. This is THE basic move when passing. So with only one club for 2, try to make passes until you have the trajectory down.

The diagram below sums up the approximate trajectory of the club.

The main problem is that you may use your wrist too much. The club then spins too quickly (doing almost 2 spins instead of 1) and is not long enough.
It is normally much better to use the whole forearm and to gather momentum by making the club brush the leg before throwing it. If it is released by continuing this movement, it has enough energy to go up to your partner's hand and rotation is done naturally (no need of the wrist).

When you are practicing with 3 clubs (juggling with 3, then throwing one), be sure that you are throwing your passes from the inside of the self ( I mean from the center of the pattern). This self can be thrown a bit more to the right (for a pass on the right side) in order to give you some space if you don't juggle very wide.
Try also to continue to make the club move along your leg before throwing (depending on whether your juggling speed is fast or slow, the movement can be more or less wide).


If the club has been thrown correctly, you catch it on the left of your shoulder (if you catch with the left hand) without needing to move. A pass spins in the reverse direction of the usual direction (when you juggle alone), and that explains the difference concerning the position of the hand on the pictures on your left.
But naturally (and it is more obvious with a beginning partner) you won't receive nice passes every time, and you'll sometimes have to move sideways (to touch the club or sometimes just to save your head), to take a step forward or backward, or to jump.
a self
a pass

If the club is coming to you by the wrong end (the fat one), catch it anyway. You'll find different ways to manage that on the page "wrong end catches". You'll soon have to know how to do this trick because you'll always be faced with it.