the Passing DataBase

I don't keep track of minor changes. But you should find on this page all important modifications that happen on the site month by month.

May 2005

A few new links, thanks to Aidan's post on the forum
Forum: upgraded with latest critical phpBB update 2.0.15 (this just never stops).

April 2005

Links updated
Review of the Kuka DVD from Jay Gilligan and Manu Laude
I've added at the top of the site's main sections the most important pages of these sections.
Latest comments can be seen on the home page. Will hopefully encourage posting more comments and reacting to them.
Forum: upgraded with latest critical phpBB update 2.0.14

March 2005

Forum: two critical phpBB updates, the RSS feed, a first version of the simulators tags
Update on the books page.
Just a small video with popcorn feedees.

February 2005

Kaskade 74: 4-handed Siteswaps

January 2005

Vincent Bruel left us on the 17th of January.
Passingdb now has a passing dedicated forum. Help us make it a lively and friendly place.
I've added a MIME type for .pass files. What for? Now when you click on a joepass file (if available at the bottom of one page), it will open it with JoePass! Under windows you will also have to associate .pass files with JoePass!, but it's up to you now.

December 2004

Passingdb is now two years old! After a long time with no update, I hope I'll have more time in the future. Here is what's new for this birthday update:

passing workshop from Kaskade 71: Though this be Martin's Madness, yet there is method in it
Martin Frost interview from Kaskade 71
passing workshop from Kaskade 72: …You get what you need
passing workshop from Kaskade 73: Why Not?
Since the MAJ site disappeared, and as I could not find a way to contact Steve Otteson, I have temporarily hosted on an /maj/ directory the pages on which I had a link in the pattern section.
I have added on each page (except the main pages of sections), a list of other passingdb related pages. As I did not wanted to browse every single page of the site, I leave this job to you. On top and bottom of every page, you will find a link that says: "Submit internal Link". Submited links will then have to be validated. Thanks for participating when you can.
update on the 3 jugglers lines page : corrected lines with 10 and 11 clubs, 12 clubs line, lines with double-returns.
French techno: the techno version of the French 3-count. Techno has also been separated from the 7 3-count and now has a dedicated page.
Eric, Hervé and I have decided to make use of the top-notch Christmas decoration in Le Cannet. We shot a few new videos in order to celebrate the site 2-years anniversary and the first update in more than a year.
An article about a passing game, written by Vincent Bruel, based on an idea from Hans.
Will Murray has kindly accepted that passingdb host a copy of his article about Long Beach Popcorn
Steven de Rooij has kindly accepted that passingdb host a copy of his article about Paspat Juggling Tables

July 2003 to November 2004


June 2003

Some 5 clubs rhythms 1-count and variations and 77722
A new 7 clubs pattern: 443p vs 3-count popcorn
The articles section is easier to browse (Sorting functionality and summary)

May 2003

Sean Gandini's articles for Kaskade: Popcorns I and Popcorns II
I've made a few simple banners if you want to link to passingdb
you can now download some PDF of the site
introduction to syncopations
Nick's T-ball pass

April 2003

The videos page can now be sorted by category.
Some new videos from Dave et Warren, as well as from Scott Seltzer and Luke Burrage's site.
hits & kicks and balance: the first tricks !
I've laid the first stones of the tricks section, time for you to get involved.
Shifty Ferret: a dynamic pattern for 4 jugglers.
The first tricks videos with Dave and Warren
patterns from the MAJ website have been added to the patterns page.
A new page for books dedicated to passing
Olga and Vova now have their own script to add their videos to the database (Sean Gandini already had one).

March 2003

The download page corrected: you now can keep the images when saving.
Spinning Top : another 6 jugglers passing.
picking up a club on the ground done at last.
Prism: A 6 jugglers pattern by Aidan, using the principle of the pistons pattern for 4.
Hurrys gallore: a few hurried 2-count (but ambidextrous) rhythms
The download page allows you to get a whole section alltogether.

February 2003

The Sunshine Series (many patterns) and Keith PPS feed are hardcore feed patterns.
To see in the videos page : the new clips from Olga & Vova and the Gandinis (now sorted by categories).
The moveable feast is a pattern that can be done with any number of jugglers.
There now is a simulator section on passingdb in order to host Jongl alongside JoePass!
My version of Hourglass was wrong. I've corrected that and Hourglass is now doable.
Tic Toc Don't Stop
Norihide Tokushige's wonderful article about 4-hands siteswap (asynchronous et synchronous) gets now more exposure on passingdb.
Itsik Orr's reviews of JoePass! and JoePass! vs Jongl.
You can now add some comments on some of the main pages of the site. This will allow for some more general remarks or suggestions. If you just wanna say that the site is great (or crap), please use the about page.

January 2003

It' s about time to add some new content to the site, even if the backend still needs improving. You can now try the NotWhy? and Row row row your boat (4 jugglers).
An easier start for 8 clubs PPS.
18 new videos (rhythms, feeds, triangles)
Added recent videos from Olga & Vova and the Gandini Juggling.
A site map with all the pages available on the site has been added.
I've made available a beta version of a pattern search. It still can be improve in many ways (in particular the interface), but I would appreciate your feedback.

December 2002

Passingdb is born. It offers the first English version of my passing site, so except for the video page, everything is completly new here for non-French readers.