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I've studied here the family of feeds with 3 jugglers as feedees but it's of course possible to add some more people (without forgetting the rhythm modifications needed). The diagrams below show the first 3 passes in a normal feed with the feeder juggling a 2-count.

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With the feeder juggling a 2-count

Feeder on 2-count : normal feed (Sweep feed)

D feeds the clubs from left to right then from right to left, i.e. C, B, A, B, C, B, A... A & C are juggling an 8-count and B a 4-count. Note that it's also possible for D to make his passes in front of him while A, B, C are moving laterally on the line (all at the same time) to receive their clubs.

Feeder on 2-count : feed with carriage return (Typewriter feed)

With a normal feed, A and C can get the impression of not passing often enough. In this version, A, B and C are all passing a 6-count. D now feeds the clubs from left to right only (C, B, A, C, B, A...). When the feeder reach the end of the line (A) he turns back to face the first feedee (carriage return). If you want a more dynamic version, try the speed-weave.

Feeder on 2-count : adding some more passes

With any of the two versions above, D and A (for example) can agree to make an additional pass. When he's about to pass with A, D will make his right hand pass (normal) followed immediately (instead of the self) by a left hand pass. The rhythm - for the typewriter variation - is now PPPSPS for D and PPSSSS for A.
It's a nice way to add difficulty for the jugglers who feel at ease with the pattern while keeping it simple for the others. If all (A, B and C) want to pass this way, D will find himself juggling ultimate (see the 1-count feeds below) as in the "feed 2" variation.

Feeder on 2-count : 7 clubs passing

This feed is based on the 10 clubs 2-count feed. You just need to add an extra club (and only one, even if there's more jugglers on the line).

The feeder pass on the same rhythm as in the 7 clubs 2-count for 2 people and can choose to feed whoever he wants. He doesn't even need to decide beforehand the order of the passes because the jugglers in front of him always have the time (one beat) to react and pass a club back when they see a double coming their way.

With the feeder on 1-count (ultimate)

In all these patterns, the feeder is juggling on ultimate. You can have any number of jugglers in front of the feeder (even if the explanations given here are for 3). The main question you need to ask yourself is who am I going to pass to next ?.

feeder on 1-count: feed 1

The right and left hands are feeding in the same direction and two consecutive passes can't be sent to the same person.

Without carriage return: With carriage return:
B 4-count (PSSS) Waltz (PSS)
This classical feed is also known as the urban terror feed.
C left-handed 2-count (PS)

1-count feeds: feed 2

The right and left hands are feeding together the same juggler in front of the feeder. Each left hand pass is sent to the person who received the previous right hand pass.

Without carriage return: With carriage return:
B PPSSSSSS (8-count with an extra pass on the second beat) PPSSSS (Chocolate bar if there's only 2 of them in front of the feeder)
C Chocolate bar (PPSS)

1-count feeds: crossing feed

The right and left hand are feeding in different directions.

B PSS PSSSS (3-count/5-count alternatively)
C Chocolate bar (PPSS)