the Passing DataBase

Keith's PPS feed is an intense feed in which the feeder, shown in the center, performs pass-pass-self and does a handacross every three beats (twice as often as in Martin's Madness). Each feedee performs a 3-count. Feedee A always passes to the feeder's right hand, which means that the passes alternate between straight and diagonal. Feedee B always passes to the feeder's left hand. An interesting feature of this pattern is that the feeder's handacross always occurs in only a single direction, which differs from most patterns in which the direction of the handacross alternates.

One last thing, on the original version, A is the right feedee seen from the feeder's point of view. But you can also try the other way round.

A good training pattern for the feeder is Mild Madness with synchronous change every 3 beats.


Files for JoePass!