the Passing DataBase

If you're not familiar at all with "feeds", there is a detailed introduction.

I define a classical feed as any pattern with n jugglers where 1 juggler (the feeder) is facing the n-1 others (the feedees, arranged in a line, n being greater than 2). In the case of a 3 persons feed, it's almost always possible to derive an N or W feed from it.

classical feeds for 3 jugglers with 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 clubs

classical feeds families

2-count feeds
2-count feeds with 9, 10, 11 clubs

1-count feeds (ultimate)
ultimate feeds with 9, 10, 11, 12 clubs
Shattered Sunshine

PPS feeds
PPS feed with 9 clubs (+ change of feeder)
PPS feeds with 9, 10 et 11 clubs
funky PPS feed with 10 clubs

popcorn feeds
popcorn feeds (a lot of stuff there with feedees and/or feeder in a popcorn pattern)


9 clubs chocolate bar
9 clubs PPH
half compressed mesopotamia for 10 clubs
12 clubs feeds derived from solo 4 club patterns
JaSoN countdown (9, 11 et 12 clubs)

hurried or slow-fast feed patterns

Martin's Mildness & Martin's Madness
8 & 10 clubs technofeeds (hurry +slow-fast)
8 clubs : 1-count/4-count
8, 9 and 10 clubs Alan's Anguish
9 clubs: slowfast 1-count/3-count
10 clubs: 2-count/2-count
the Sunshine Series (Scattered Sunshine, Shattered Scattered Sunshine, Splattered Sunshine)
poste PPS de Keith

line feeds for 4 or 5 jugglers (or more)

line feeds

line feeds (with 1-count & 2-count examples)
mesopotamia (4 jugglers, 13 clubs)

N & W feeds for 4 & 5 jugglers

N and W feeds are in fact a variation on the classical feeds: just add a few more jugglers, but keep using the same rhythms. For the N feed, there are 2 feeders (A & C). In the W, there are 3 feeders (B, C and D). You can of course add more jugglers on the same principle.
I haven't given here the extension that you can deduct from the classical feeds, but some passing patterns or problems that you can only find with N & W feeds.

N & W feeds

2-count N feed with 13 clubs
Very Scattered Sunshine (poste en N)
Miscellaneous W-feeds