the Passing DataBase



How does it work?

A new html windows appears, with all the articles from the section you requested. Navigation and interface are reduced to a minimum for printing purposes. You can still navigate through all articles thanks to a table of contents at the beginning of each section.
Print it directly, or use the Save As functionality on your browser to save it for later use. Modern browsers should allow you to save the page AND its images at the same time: the latest versions of Mozilla (Firefox), Opera and IE are able to do it. Note that if you print it, you can manually add the page numbers in the table of contents for the articles you want to find quickly.
If the section has already been downloaded more than 15 days ago, the page will be generated on the fly, with all the most recent updates and files from the site. Otherwise, you'll get a pre-generated page built for a previous download. This is done in order to minimize server requests.