the Passing DataBase

What's the aim of this page?

  1. I'm waiting to catch a pass inmy right hand.
  2. Bad luck. My partner has decided to throw to my left hand!
  3. What can I do?

Different, new patterns can be deduced from this (depending on how I react) if my partner keeps on making their passes this way (always crossing instead of the usual staight).

I've identified 3 ways to react. I wanted to make diagrams for other patterns than the 4-count, but I think you'll get it anyway.


4-count hurry 1:

React as in Jim's 3-count (this is the easiest way)

You keep on juggling a 4-count, whatever hand the club arrives in. I sometimes call it the "no-zips" version.

<(-,3p)(-,3)(3,-)(-,3) (3p,-)(-,3)(3,-)(-,3)% | (-,3px)(3,-)(-,3)(3,-) (-,3px)(-,3)(3,-)(-,3) %>

4-count hurry 2:

Pretty hard. You keep juggling a right handed 4-count. A short zip allows you to throw as if the club had arrived in the right hand.

<(-,3p)(3,0x)(-,3)(3,-) | (-,3px)(3,-)(-,3)(3,-)>

4-count hurry 3:

As in Mild Madness

There is a zip as previously, but this one is easier since you allow yourself to throw twice from the same hand (using a straight self single in the case of a 4-count).

<(-,3px)(3,-)(-,3)(3,-) (-,3px)(3x,2x)(3,-)(-,3) % | (-,3p)(3x,2x)(3,-)(-,3) (3p,-)(-,3)(3,-)(-,3)%>