the Passing DataBase

Thanks to Tarim for clarifying some things for us on this matter in Rotterdam.  Also, feel free to take a look at the articles posted on this subject at rec.juggling in 1994 (there's one in particular by Tarim that is interesting because it expands the theory to include other rhythms and feeds, which I will do here one day).

This theory, whose application lies essentially in 6- and 7-club ultimate, says the following:

To pass 6 (or 7) clubs in ultimate is somewhat like juggling 4 (or 5, respectively) alone, horizontally, from the point of view of one of the two jugglers.

Thus one could try to derive traditional siteswap figures using the following rules.  The numbers can be written in BN (Brendan notation), since the pattern doesn't follow the classic rules of siteswap. With 4- and 5-ball solo patterns as a starting point, one may be inspired to find corresponding passing patterns.

BN number

ultimate 6

ultimate 7
(p.o.v. of the juggler who throws straight passes, assuming single spin)

0 empty hand empty hand
1 handacross handacross
2 hold hold
3 single self single self
4 single pass (straight across) double self
5 double pass (crossing) single pass (straight)
6 triple pass (straight) double pass (crossing)
7 ...... (quadruple) triple pass (straight)

So that's from the passer's point of view. 

For the one who's catching the passes, just one tip:  throw only when you have to.  To clarify, wait until a pass arrives (in the case of doubles and triples) to empty your hand (by throwing).  

Classic examples in 6 ultimate

The corresponding passes are in red.  Note that the top juggler, who receives the passes, waits each time until the last possible moment to throw, the pauses shown by blue arrows.  


BN : 53
: <3p 3p 2 3p 3p ...| 3p 4p 3 3p 3p ...>
Written out : double-self

BN : 534 (continuous)
siteswap : <3p 2 3p| 4p 3 3p>
Written out : double, self, pass, double, self, pass,...
Note : this becomes almost  PPS

BN : 552
siteswap : <3p 3p 2 3p 3p ...| 3p 4p 4p 2 3p...>
Written out : double, double, pause

BN : 5551
siteswap : <3p 3p 2 3p 3p 3p...| 3p 4p 4p 4p 1 3p...>
Written out : double, double, double, hand-across

BN : 55550
siteswap : <3p 3p 2 3p 3p 3p...| 3p 4p 4p 4p 4p 0 ...>
written out : double, double, double, double, empty hand

BN : 633
siteswap : <3p 3p 2 2 3p ...| 3p 5p 3 3 3p...>
Written out : triple, self, self

Try also 6451, 64514 (continuous) and all siteswaps that come to mind.

Classic examples in 7 ultimate

BN : 64
Written out : double pass, double self

BN : 663
Written out
: double pass, double pass, self

BN : 744
Written out : triple pass, self, self
Try also 6662, 66661, 97531 (???), 66771661 (or the continuous version: 66{771}661, you'll see) and all siteswaps that come to mind.