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Articles written for passingdb
Introduction to slow-fasts by JiBe
An introduction to slow-fast patterns, a family of rhythms where one juggler juggles faster than the other.
8 clubs: synchronous symetric rhythms by JiBe
A family of 8 club rhythms that are based on the solo 4 club fountain.
Theory for popcorns patterns by JiBe
The family of normal 7 clubs popcorn rhythms.
Brendan Brolly Notation (or BN) by JiBe
A notation for syncopations in 1-count rhythms
4 hands Siteswaps by JiBe
An introduction to 4-hand siteswaps, or how to use normal siteswaps with two jugglers.
Causal Diagrams & Siteswaps by JiBe
Explanations for passing siteswap and causal diagrams. What do they mean? How do they work?
Introduction to hurrys by JiBe
The basics for hurrys. What they are and how to write them.
Hurried passes in passing by JiBe
A few ideas on how to create new rhythms by creating some hurrys with passes.
Hurried selfs in passing by JiBe
A few ideas on how to create new rhythms by creating some hurrys with selfs.
Introduction to feeds by JiBe
An introduction to feeds, the three juggler pattern where one pass alternatively with the two others.
How to avoid collisions by JiBe
Tips to avoid different kinds of collisions in normal 2 juggler rhythms

Kaskade passing workshops
[Kaskade 70] Popcorns II: asymmetry, synchronicity and more people by Sean Gandini
Asymmetric and synchronous popcorns patterns, and popcorn patterns for 3 jugglers
[Kaskade 69] Popcorns I by Sean Gandini
Definition and expansion of popcorn patterns, from 7 to 9 objects.
[Kaskade 68] Patterns with a Cause by Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen
Causal diagrams explained, plus some 3-count and 5-count 7 club patterns
[Kaskade 67] 7 o?clock pop! by Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen
Some 7 club popcorns with variations, and an 8 club popcorn.
[Kaskade 66] Take Seven ? more funky seven-club patterns by Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen
Some 6 clubs, 7 clubs and feed countdowns, plus a bonus 7 clubs PPPSS pattern.
[Kaskade 65] The unsquare dance - Funky 7 club patterns by Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen
3-count, PPS and Bookends (PPSPS) for 7 clubs, with a few feeds
[Kaskade 64] Feeds - From Feeder to Feedee by JiBe
Different ways of changing the feeder or the feedees' positions in a three jugglers feed
[Kaskade 62 & 63] Just the three of us: Paris gymfloor remix by Christophe Pr?chac
A series of feed patterns, from 8 to 10 clubs.
[Kaskade 61] Hobo Zwiefacher by Johannes Waldmann
A dialog between two (and then three) jugglers trying some slow-fast patterns.
[Kaskade 60] ... but you can never hide by Wolfgang Westerboer
Some runaround passing patterns.
[Kaskade 59] Just the three of us by Wolfgang Westerboer
Some 3 jugglers patterns (feeds, triangles, lines) with different rhythms.
[Kaskade 58] Never Say Sorry by Wolfgang Westerboer
Hurried patterns based on the 3-count, with 6 and 7 clubs.
[Kaskade 57] Never Loose Count by Wolfgang Westerboer / Christian Holl?nder
Variations on the 6 clubs 3-count and some different 5-count with 7 clubs.
[Kaskade 56] Never Look Away by Wolfgang Westerboer
Variations about 5 clubs 1-count, 7 clubs 1-count and 6 clubs PPS.
[Kaskade 52] Takeaway Patterns by Sean Gandini
A notation for steal patterns.

Articles from Christophe Préchac
Symmetric Passing Patterns by Christophe Pr?chac
How to deduce symmetric passing patterns from solo juggling patterns.
Odd Passing Patterns by Christophe Pr?chac
A collection of strange passing rhythms.
Mhn and Causals: Relaxed :) juggling by Christophe Pr?chac
An explication of MHN notation and causal diagrams.
Mhn and Causals: Hurried patterns by Christophe Pr?chac
Hurrys: explanation, theory and examples with MHN and causal diagrams.
Siteswap sharing and feed passing patterns by Christophe Pr?chac
How to deduce feeds from solo siteswaps.

Other miscellanous articles
Passing Siteswap (4-hands Siteswap) by Norihide Tokushige
A deep article dedicated to 4-hand siteswaps, explaining clearly what happens with synchronous siteswaps

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Kaskade is the "European Juggling Magazine". Four issues a year are published, covering many (if not all) aspects of our little juggling world (convention, interviews, reports, reviews, workshops, ...). Since issue 56, a passing workshop has found its way on each issue.
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Christophe Préchac offers on his site some very theoretical articles, which are also very instructive. These articles are available here with Christophe's authorisation.
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