the Passing DataBase

Who's behind the site

Administration (design, php, mysql, content):
JiBe (Jean-Baptiste Hurteaux) is the webmaster of this site.

Translators (these people really made the English version come true):
Jeanette Patterson, Amélie Rabeisen, Guillaume Pan, Matthieu Angeli, Chris Alagna.

Jeanette Patterson, Daniel Thompson, Beinn Muir.

Thanks also to the following people for their enthusiasm and/or participation:
Aidan Burns, Bruno Cailler, Christophe Covarel, Christophe Préchac, David Harvey, Elias Olivares, Eric Sunshine, Eric (Sophia), Gabi & Kaskade, Gabriel, Itsik Orr, Jeremy, Julien Guibaud, Julian Orbach, Johannes Waldmann, Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen, Hervé Nicol, Martin Frost, Max & Benji, Nick Sety, Olga & Vova, Roy Patterson, Sean Gandini, Steve Otteson, Steven de Rooij, Tarim, Tim Turner, Vincent Bruel, Vincent Thévenot, Will Murray, Wolfgang Westerboer.

Reacting and participating

Your contribution is more than welcome. Do not hesitate to give your opinion, to suggest some things that you'd like to see here, or to write some articles. Also, make use of the comments (see below).

The site specially could use people for the following task:
help build the tricks section, see relevant page for details.
write a few pages for numbers passing (9 clubs and more, numbers with 3 jugglers or more...)

Please contact JiBe at:

Add some comments on the pages

It's possible to add a comment on nearly all the pages. Do not hesitate--if you've tried the pattern and if you can spare a piece of advice or give some variations, go for it.
You can also use them to signal a mistake or a typo if you don't feel like writing an email.
I'll clean the comments now and then, adding your variations in the page and correcting mistakes...

On the bottom of each page (except the main pages of sections), you will find a list of other passingdb related pages. You can help adding more pages to this list. On top and bottom of every page, you will find a link that says: "Submit internal Link". Submited links will then have to be validated.

A sort of disclaimer

A lot of the patterns on this site have been found somewhere else on the net, or learnt in conventions, or produced thanks to a mysterious process involving causal diagrams or JoePass!
I've tried my best to give some credit to the authors and inventors of articles and patterns, and to ask before using some material. But I'm not perfect, please tell me when I have forgotten somebody.
Authors are not liable for any problem caused by reading this site:
- broken fingers or fingernails
- headaches from causal diagrams and siteswap
- fights after trying multi-person passing patterns
- rhythms, patterns or tricks insufficiently explained or undoable by a human being

To make it short, this site is to be used with care.