the Passing DataBase - The Passing DataBase -- is a place where you will find the answers to all your questions (well, most of them) about club passing.

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Site Overview

  • Learning to pass
    How to learn with step by step instructions.
  • Rhythms for 2 jugglers
    Rhythms with 6, 7 and 8 clubs.
  • Feeds
    Classical (and less classical) feeds with 8, 9, 10 and more clubs. W and N feeds, line feeds...
  • Patterns for 3 jugglers and more
    Passing patterns with between 3 and 9 jugglers (static or moving).
  • Tricks
    Tips and advice on tomahawks, flats, doubles and the like (work in progress)
  • Steals and Takeouts
    How to take and give back clubs in normal juggling and in passing patterns.
  • Articles & Theory
    Causal diagrams, SiteSwap and various articles, among them all the Kaskade passing workshop.

Miscelleanous resources

  • Videos
    True jugglers in action.
  • Animations
    False jugglers in action.
  • Simulators
    The world of virtual jugglers (JoePass! and Jongl).
  • Links
    Where else to go for passing or juggling.
  • Download
    or how to get a whole section with a single click.
  • Books
    How-to and beyond, the passer's library.

Site Related Resources

  • Glossary
    Common words in the passing world.
  • History
    What's new on the site month after month.
  • Site Map
    A page with links to all the other pages of the site.
  • About
    Who, What, How: information about the site and how to participate.
  • Search on passingdb
    An advanced search for patterns, and details on the text search.